Case Studies – IMF

Landslide Reporting Web Application – Western Forest Products

Western Forest Products wanted to move to an open source infrastructure to roll out internal data gathering applications. Refractions helped set up the initial infrastructure and built a template application for landslide reporting.


Emergency Management Information Application (EMIA) – Regional District of Fraser-Fort George

The Regional District was rolling out a new 911 dispatch system, and knew that keeping rural route address points accurate and up-to-date would involve collaboration with far-flung municipalities. Refractions built a web-based collaboration system using standard technology ready to integrate with the District ArcSDE system.


COIN Pacific – BC Ministry of Sustainable Resource Management

To integrate ocean observations with the Canadian Geospatial Data Infrastructure (CGDI), the British Columbia government contracted to build an OpenGIS™ standard portal. Refractions delivered a system that allowed on-the-fly discovery and viewing of WMS layers, on-the-fly re-styling of WMS layers, and session management. The system used ArcIMS, OpenIMF, J2EE, and Mapserver.


Consultative Boundaries Database Viewer – BC Integrated Land Management Bureau

Refractions built a web-based utility for searching boundaries over the web, using Oracle, ArcIMS, and IMF to provide an interactive map of the data.


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