Consulting & Development

Work with the original developers of uDig to build a custom application or plug-in. Refractions Research is an experienced software solutions provider, we have been delivering custom applications, libraries and system integration to government and the private sector since 1997.

Flexible Team

Our team has a wide range of experience, with open source libraries (GeoTools and JTS), applications (GeoServer and uDig) and proprietary systems (ESRI, Oracle, Google, Microsoft).

Working With You
We have no technological axes to grind, the best solution is one that fits with the technologies you are comfortable with deploying and maintaining in the long term. We give the straight goods on what different alternatives mean, in terms of maturity, scalability, and cost.
The Resources You Need
Refractions Research is not a two-person consultancy. Our staff of 25 gives us the flexibility to complete large projects on a tight timeline, providing a final product and documentation suitable for enterprises with strict delivery guidelines.

Agile Process

The solution to a problem is arrived at in stages, and our agile methodology for project management allows us to do rapid development without losing site of the project goals.

Architecture & Estimate
A sketch of the overall solution: what pieces of software will we use, what languages, what is the general data model? The architecture guides our estimate process, so we can give you a general feeling for what the solution will be, and how much it will cost.
Development Iterations
With the architecture as a guide, working with you, we prioritize development items and start delivering the product. Each iteration leads to visible functionality, delivered to use as a working demonstration.
No project is ever finished, there is always one more feature to add, one last bug to remove. We continue iterations until you are satisfied and provide a documented delivery based on the final development iteration.

Open Source Company

Refractions Research sponsors and develops uDig as an open source project in collaboration with developers from around the world. Visit the uDig open source community site at

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